Scan an IMB Using Your Phone’s Camera

Just like QR codes, IMB barcodes can now be scanned using the camera on your phone. After launching mailScan, simply align a red guide line over the IMB to automatically scan the barcode. As soon as the app locks on a successful barcode read, it launches the mobile device’s Internet browser and navigates the user to a pre-established URL.

Receive Pre-populated Name and Address Information

Imbedded in the IMB is information about the mail piece recipient which the app is able to decode and make available to the web page before it opens. As shown on the screen capture below, when the web page opens, the recipient’s name and address fields are already populated.

Collect Marketing Data

mailScan can instantly collect intricate details with each read of the IMB barcode. You will be able to know, for example, the device and location of the scan along with the time and date.

Behind the Scenes – AVI Developed Technologies*

AVI leverages several of its key technology building blocks for mailScan. Our scanning component uses a variety of image processing and recognition algorithms to read the 4-state barcode. AVI’s Directory Retrieval System (DRS) is leveraged to deliver the standardized address information from the scanned IMB. Integration of key fields from the IMB and association with URLs provides the user a direct link to your mobile WEB site and supports auto-population of personal information. AVI works directly with mailers to customize URL responses based on mail campaigns.

*Patent Pending

Promoting IMB Scanning

Developing public awareness of this IMB capability will be a gradual process, very similar to what the QR code technology has experienced over the last few years. Mailers will start by including instructions on mail pieces that direct recipients to download mailScan.

Targeted incentives will also play an important role in motivating mail recipients to adopt this new technology. Offering inducements such as entering a contest, obtaining a discount coupon, downloading a free eBook, taking a virtual tour, showing a video of a product, or downloading a free song could pique enough interest for recipients to download the app and scan the IMB.

Advantages over QR Codes

  • Since IMB barcodes are already being printed on most Standard and First Class mail items, there is no need to create, manage or print new codes
  • Customizing the action of an IMB scan for each mailing or recipient is as simple as updating a mailing database
  • Changing the action of an IMB scan can be done at any time (before or after the IMB has been printed)
  • IMB barcodes already provide the means of deriving the name and address of the recipient and this information can be used to pre-populate mobile optimized web pages

Contact AVI to learn more about mailScan and let us customize this technology for your needs