Use Your Phone's Camera to Scan IMB or POSTNET Barcodes

AddressVision's free mobile application - IMBScan - provides a very easy way of decoding postal barcodes. After launching the app and pressing the Start button, simply aim your phone's camera at the barcode, align the red line over the barcode and hold still for a couple of seconds. As soon as IMBScan obtains a positive read from the barcode it will automatically display the ZIP code and address. It is that simple! (Note: If your phone does not have access to the Internet, the street address information will not be displayed)

Display Address Information

If your phone has access to the Internet, IMBScan will display both the ZIP code and the street address information associated with the barcode scanned. By accessing AddressVision's servers, IMBScan will perform a reverse address lookup using the 11-digit delivery point code read from the barcode and will display the address information.

TIPS for Better Scans

  • CAMERA - Ensure you are using a recommended device with an autofocus camera
  • LIGHT - Ensure there is plenty of light and try not to cast shadows over the envelope
  • ALIGNMENT - Make sure that the red line is in the center of the barcode
  • DISTANCE - The phone should be between 3" and 4" from the envelope so that the entire barcode fills the width of the window
  • HOLD STILL - It is important to hold the phone still while the barcode is being scanned
  • BE PATIENT - Know that the engine inside IMBScan continuosly scans the barcode using a variety of techniques to achieve the optimal read
  • TRY AGAIN - When all fails simply try again. By changing positions or the scanning angle slightly a successful scan can often be obtained

If you liked IMBScan, try our professional version. With IMBScan Pro you will be able to read, decode and display every field of the IMB barcode. This app is an essential Quality Control tool for the mailing professional.

Add IMBScan Pro to your QC toolset